Products and Software Optimized for Veterinary Practices

VXR System

The VXR Veterinary Radiological System (PDF)
The VXR System is an economical X-ray unit designed specifically for veterinary applications. The integrated system incorporates an exam table, column stand, X-ray generator, X-ray tube and control console in one unit. The VXR System accepts film, CR cassettes or DR Detectors. The system offers  

  • Float-top table with four-way motion
  • A compact, fixed-height column allowing quick positioning for all common views
  • Veterinary APRs along with additional accessories and options to support all veterinary needs 
Pro Retrofit System

PRO Retrofit System – Veterinary DR Made Affordable (PDF)  
The PRO Retrofit System provides the ideal balance of performance and price for veterinary centres. Choose between 35 x 43 cm wireless or tethered, or a 43 x 43 cm. fixed design for a quick, easy and cost-effective upgrade to digital. Simply select the right detector to integrate into your existing equipment.

Speed, Convenience and dedicated Veterinary Interface:

  • DR Acquisition driven by Veterinary interface Carestream VXVue Software.
  • The superb image quality of digital helps support greater diagnostic confidence.
  • Choose either a Gadolinium Scintillator or Cesium Scintillator in your configuration.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables and provides improved infection control.
  • Full digital imaging eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity and reduce image-delivery time.
  • Beam-detect mode means there’s no need for a cable connection to the generator – image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.


CARESTREAM Vita Flex for Veterinary

CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR Systems  
Designed for practices that need compact digital solutions at an affordable price. With two options for throughput speed, Vita Flex computed radiography systems offer in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit your workflow.

120 - Vita CR Vet Software

Image Suite Software
Custom-designed veterinary interface loaded with custom veterinary tools to answer your practice’s needs

  • Hip Dysplasia Measurement
  • VD Thorax Measurement
  • Vertebral Scale Measurement
  • Tibial Tuberoses Advancement Measurement
  • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Measurement
  • Laminitis Measurement

This all-in-one software also handles order entry; animal-image acquisition and processing with parameters for species, breeds and body parts; viewing, editing and reporting; printing; and digital archiving.

Image Suite Mini-PACS option

  • Archive your images from CR, PRO and other DICOM modalitities (via optional DICOM SCP) into Image Suite Mini-PACS.
  • Allows superb image management and analysis.


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